Our Pools

At Wag N’ Paddle, we can offer your dog a chance to learn to swim, play, relieve stress, get stronger and be more active and fit. From puppies to seniors – whatever fitness goal you have for your 4-legged family member, we are here to help! Our 30 minute, one-on-one swim lessons with our trained swim coaches are tailored to your dogs fitness level as well as your dogs specific goals! Your swim coach will be in the dual sanitized (salt water chlorination and ozone) warm water (82-85 degrees) the entire time to support and monitor your dog to make sure they are using proper swim form and of course – having fun!!

Pool FAQs

  • Be honest about the health of your dog. Discuss with your veterinarian if swimming is an appropriate form of exercise. Wag’n Paddle does NOT offer swim rehabilitation.
  • Owners may NOT enter the pool at any time, but we encourage you to come in to watch and cheer!
  • All first time swimmers at Wag’n Paddle begin in a life jacket. Once they are comfortable in the water, the life jacket can be removed.
  • No food/treats 4 hours prior to the swim lesson.  Make sure they potty before coming in. Accidents in the pool will incur a $50 fee for cleanup.
  • We have a drying room with towels, brushes and dryers. You will only need a towel for your car!
  • 2 dogs in the same household – both must have their OWN swim the first time.  Once we see how both dogs swim, they are able to share future swim appointments.
  • If you have a reactive dog, give us a call from the parking lot.  We will clear the lobby and get you into the pool room safely and with minimal contact with other dogs.