Swimming is a great form of exercise that has been used for centuries by humans because of the healing effects of water on the body. The physiological, as well as emotional changes we experience when we enter into a warm body of water, are almost immediate (think about sitting in your hot tub after a long day of work). Water helps to decrease stress levels, create a sense of freedom of movement you may not be able to experience on land, increase circulation and strengthen muscles without stress on your joints. If water is this beneficial to humans and their quality of life, why can’t we pass this on to our dogs as well?!

Make Pool Time The Best Time

To make the most of your appointment, here are a few guidelines to follow:

 Be honest about the health of your dog. If you have any concerns, please discuss with your veterinarian

 Arrive 5 minutes prior to your swim time

 Lightly brush your dog before entering the pool

 Come in and watch – we encourage you to be poolside to watch and interact with your dog during their swim lesson

 Do not feed your dog for at least 4 hours prior to their swim lesson and please make sure they have eliminated their bowel

 Although we have a drying room with extra towels and a dryer, your dog may still be damp – you may want to bring an extra towel

 If you have any questions or concerns while your dog is in the pool, please don’t hesitate to ask!