Dog Park

Wag N’ Paddle’s indoor dog park is one of the first of it’s kind in the Naperville area!  Our indoor park is almost 9,000 square feet of fenced in, climate controlled, employee monitored fun!  Our flooring is made by Polylast – a seamless, impermeable flooring with an antimicrobial layer designed to inhibit bacterial growth as well as support and cushion your dogs joints as they are playing in the park.  We will have multiple pieces of play equipment for your dog to climb over, under and through.  Fresh water will always be available for your dog and there will be plenty of benches for you to sit on and observe the fun.

Now Open!! – Over a  2,500 square foot outdoor area that you and your dog can access through the indoor park.

Want to know who is visiting the park? Once you create your Wag N’ Paddle account, you will be able to login and see the live webcam of our park area.  You’ll never miss a chance to meet up with your 2 or 4-legged friends!

Puppy Play Groups

Play is a crucial part of a dogs development! The earlier a puppy is introduced to other puppies and different play styes in a positive, enriched environment, the quicker they learn how to play appropriately. We will offer playgroups based on age – 11 to 16 weeks and 17 to 24 weeks.  All puppies (puppy parents) must have an account with us and must be up to date on age appropriate vaccinations.  A group of no more than 10 puppies and their parents will come together in our smaller park and play off leash for an hour.  Just like the big park, play is monitored by our trained staff and if there is aggressive or inappropriate play, you may be asked to leave.  

Reserve your spot by creating an account and requesting a reservation for Puppy Play Groups.  Both age groups are offered on Saturday mornings (10:00am – 11:00am) and Sunday afternoons (1:00pm – 2:00pm).