Fun for All

To use any service offered at Wag ‘N Paddle, you must first set up an account by filling out a brief questionnaire and uploading vaccination records. We require proof of up to date Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella and proof of an annual negative fecal test.  

If you are looking to use our Indoor Dog Park, Canine College Daycare or Overnight Boarding for the first time, please give us a call (331-229-8660) or email us ( to request a day and time for your evaluation.  Once evaluated you can book future Boarding and Daycare through your online account. If you are looking to book a swim, you can book the day and time that works with your schedule through your account.

No payment is due at the time of booking – we will collect payment at the completion of the service! When you come in for your first visit, if you choose, we are able to securely add your credit card information into our system!  All transactions are secure and you will get an email with each charge to your account, detailing the services you used at Wag ‘N Paddle.  Check-in is a breeze – all you have to do is give us your name and everything else is literally a ‘walk in the park’!

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*Membership cancellations must be submitted in writing to