The Benefits of Swimming for Dogs

Dogs love all types of play: chasing after balls, going on walks, catching frisbees, and playing in the water. But did you know that playing in the pool is so much more than just a fun afternoon activity for your dog? Swimming provides several great benefits for your dog! A swim at Wag N’ Paddle is the best way for your dog to gain confidence in the water, build up muscle tone, increase endurance and release extra energy.

Swimming at Wag N’ Paddle

Release Energy

Adult dogs sleep an average of 12-14 hours each day. It’s no wonder they have so much pent-up energy they need to release. A quick walk around the neighborhood can suffice, but swimming is so much more fun and way easier on the body. Give your dog a break from the monotony and bring them to Wag N’ Paddle for a 30-minute swim with one of our trained swim coaches. While we don’t permit you to be in the pool with your dog, we highly encourage you to hang by the side to interact and encourage your pup as they enjoy the pool.


Did you know that a 5-minute intense swim in the pool is equivalent to running over 3 miles? It would take you and your dog nearly an hour to walk 3 miles. Your dog doesn’t need to swim hard their entire 30-minute pool visit to fit in a great work out and have fun while doing it. Our swim coaches are trained to help your dog maximize their time by helping your dog learn proper swim form and improve their fitness level. Dogs don’t inherently know how to swim so taking them to Wag N’ Paddle to learn is a great way to ensure they stay safe when you take them to the lake.

Warm Water Swim

Swimming is a great alternative form of exercise for dogs that aren’t quite able to make that walk around the block anymore or run in the dog park like they used to due to old age or perhaps an injury.  Our heated pool is set at a comfortable temperature for your dog that will feel just like a hot tub.  If your dog is healthy enough to swim, a leisurely swim session in our warm pool will loosen up those sore, tight muscles and have your dog feeling relaxed and at ease (they won’t even realize they are working those muscles while in the pool).

Swimming is extremely beneficial for dogs needing exercise, energy release or low-impact exercise options. At Wag N’ Paddle, we offer 30-minute swim classes with a trained swim coach to help your dog enjoy their workout and increase their fitness abilities. Our individual, sanitized, and heated pools are the perfect place for your pooch to enjoy a relaxing afternoon. Fill out your application today before your visit to Wag N’ Paddle. For more information about our pools as well as the other benefits of our facility, please contact us today.

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Wag N’ Paddle Membership 101

A trend has begun nationwide to provide indoor space for dogs to play all year round.  We are proud to offer the first indoor dog park in Naperville! Naperville has many beautiful outdoor, open areas for your dog to play. While these areas are part of what makes Naperville a great place to live, our park and our entire facility is offering something a little different for you and your pooch.  Our indoor park is not just an open field to run in – we have 9,000 square feet of specialized padded flooring as well as park equipment to climb on and explore. Our indoor pools are heated year round for your pup to play, float or exercise.  We have 4 self-serve baths and training classes to teach your puppy manners or teach an old dog new tricks!

Before you Arrive

There are a few very important steps you need to take before you and your dog come in to enjoy our facility.  All dog owners must create an account to register your dog at Wag N’ Paddle. All dogs must be up to date on their vaccinations; bordetella, distemper and rabies are a must (titers are accepted).  This preregistration provides a layer of protection and comfort to dog parents that bring their dog in to enjoy Wag N’ Paddle.  We also ask that each dog that wants to be a member of our park, participate in a temperament evaluation prior to their first park visit to make sure all dogs playing in the park are comfortable and willing to play by the park and pack rules.  The temperament evaluation, submission of vaccination records as well as only offering monthly memberships, not day passes, allows us to make sure our park is as safe as we can possibly make it for dogs and owners!

Membership options

With our three membership options to choose from, you are able to choose the best option for your dog’s needs.  All membership packages include access to our self-service baths, member-only events and discounted private swims and training sessions.  For families with two dogs, our Wag (park) and Suds (bath) memberships are 50% off for the second dog.  For the Paddle (swim) membership, the swims can be split between dogs in the same household, then you are able to purchase additional swims at the discounted rate if your pups are begging for more pool time.  Of course you are able to try our pools or training without purchasing a membership, but you will pay a higher price for those services and miss out on member events and discounts. As a non-member, you must still fill out an application and submit vaccination records (we do not allow non-members into the park).

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Why Become a Member?

As a member at Wag N’ Paddle, you get more bang for your buck!!  A $15 training class vs. $25 for a non-member.  A $30 one on one private swim for a member, $45 for a non-member.  Ability to book a 4-hour stay with us that includes a swim (Swim N’ Stay) – for members only.  Access to a self-serve bath (unlimited use during your membership month).  The list goes on and on!  There are plenty of membership options for you to choose from to make the most of your time with your pup.

Your dog can’t speak, but if they did, we bet they would say “let’s go get our ‘wag’ on at Wag N’ Paddle”!! Filled with fitness and fun, your dog will enjoy playing with their pack, burning off some energy and spending time with their favorite pet parent. Visit our website today to create your account and start making fun memories with your furry family member(s).

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