Training at Wag N’ Paddle

Wag’n Paddle is now offering training!!!

We currently offer private training at Wag’n Paddle or private training in your home! We also have add-on day training while your dog is here with us during Daycare, Boarding or Puppy Preschool!

Starting November 2020 – we will now be offering group classes!! It’s been a long time coming, but we are finally ready to roll out group classes with COVID guidelines in place of course!! Sign up for a class through your online account – and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Puppy Manners (Coming in January 2021) – If you are looking to build a positive relationship while learning how to communicate with your new pup, this class is for you! This is a great introductory class to help your pup learn basic and problem solving skills.

This 6 week class is aimed at puppies 16 weeks of age and younger. We will address common problems such as house breaking, crate training, jumping, nipping and chewing. At the completion of this class your puppy is eligible for the AKC STAR. PUPPY exam and certification!

Pair this class with our Puppy Preschool that is offered Monday through Friday at Wag’n Paddle. The primary critical socialization period in dogs ends around 4 months; it’s a short window! Poor socialization often leads to behavior problems later in life so early puppyhood is the time to focus on socialization as well as basic skills/manners. Preschool is a great opportunity for your puppy to learn how to play with others in a positive environment and reinforce the skills learned in our Puppy Manners Class.

 Basic Manners (Wednesday 7:30pm, Saturday 10am)– If you are looking to build a positive relationship with your dog, this is the class for you! During this 6 week class, your dog will be introduced to basic manners, including: sit, down, stand, off, come, stay and walking on a loose leash.  You will learn the necessary skills to build a solid and lasting relationship with your dog.

 Park Manners (Wednesday 6:30pm, Saturday 9am) – If you are looking for some tips to make your day at our dog park more enjoyable, this is the class for you! During this 6 week class you will learn if the dog park is a good place for YOUR dog to play, recognize whether your dog is playing appropriately, gain an understanding of basic canine body language and how to avoid and manage inappropriate situations. We will reinforce basic manners (sit, down, stand, off, come, stay) and work on impulse control (jumping, leave it, self-control in heightened arousal situations).

All dogs in this class must have attended a basic manners class OR have a basic understanding of commands. They must be at least 6 months old and be spayed/neutered.