Canine College: Daycare at Wag ‘n Paddle

At Wag ‘n Paddle, daycare is more than just a group of dogs hanging out together in a room all day long. So how exactly are we different from a ‘normal’ daycare?


We have some of the best staff around who are excited to be with dogs – all day, every day. Each staff member is trained in dog body language and appropriate play behavior. All staff has their CPR/First Aid Certification. You can see them on any given day in a pool, in the park or at the front desk. They know you and they know your dogs very well.

Our Facility:

Our ENTIRE building is air conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter. The building is fully sprinkled (in case of fire) and much thought has been put in to flooring, play equipment, fencing, traffic flow, cleanliness, safety and comfort; not only for our 4 legged customers, but for the 2 legged as well. Most of our clients frequent the park, the dog baths or the pools weekly if not every day. All 16,000 square feet of our facility is open for you to see while you’re here.

Small Groups:

We have a set schedule with rotations (think switching classes in high school) for small groups of dogs. No group will have more than 15 dogs with one employee. Our small group sessions will allow our staff to provide personalized play, interaction and belly rubs to each dog in their group. Small groups mean less stress for both dogs and those taking care of them. We have an 1100 sq. ft. room for them to roam/play in as well as another 1000 sq. ft. room that houses our kennels as well as where our enrichment activities will take place. Twice a day they will visit our indoor park (9,000 square feet) and have access to our outdoor area (over 2500 square feet) as well.

Enrichment Activities:

What is this and why does my dog need it? Think challenging games, training activities and projects that will challenge your pups brain power. Every week at daycare we will offer a different activity each day that all dogs will take part in. Every month we will roll out new activities to keep the dogs on their toes and constantly learning.

Add on a swim or a bath:

We are fortunate to have 4 baths and 3 in-ground pools here at Wag ’n Paddle. When your dog is visiting us, you have the option to add on a one-on-one swim lesson with a swim coach or let us give them a shampoo and a quick brush!

Mandatory Nap Time:

School is hard – and learning new things is tiring. Your dog’s time here at Wag ’n Paddle will be chock full of fun with friends, playing games, running and wrestling. During one of our group rotations, dogs will be placed in either a 4×6 or 3×6 glass front enclosure to rest. This will give each dog some time to rest, relax and have a snack.

Wag ‘n Paddle is all about healthy and safe play. Your dog’s well-being and happiness is our most important goal. We hope to send your dog home after their day at Canine College tired, happy and maybe even a little smarter!!